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Our Services

Private Healing session

During your session you will be guided into your heart where your deepest longings reside.  Once you are connected to your true self the healers will remove negative energies and blockages from your energy field.  Your spirit will be brought back into alignment with your physical body and grounded to Mother Earth.  The session ends with a blessing from God to open your path in both the spiritual and material worlds.

Donation: $150

Home or Business clearing

This clearing will cleanse your property of negative energies and align it with the energy lines of Planet Earth.  This will bring about positive energy flow that promotes peace, harmony, happiness and abundance for the occupants of the property.

Donation: 10 cents a square foot with a $350 minimum for homes / $400 minimum for businesses.

We can handle any size building.  Please ask for a custom quote!

Relationship Candle healing

This healing prepares you for true love. If you already have true love it will deepen and sweeten your existing relationship. If you are still looking it will help you let go of your baggage and embrace yourself for the wondrous creature you are.  If you are a man you will project strength and confidence balanced with sensitivity.  If you are a woman the flower of your inner beauty will be coaxed to unfold and your natural feminine power will radiate.  As this happens love interests will naturally be drawn to you. If you are not meant to have a partner at this point in your life (we can't control divine timing) the healing will help you have a sense of wholeness within yourself and help ease the craving for someone else to "complete" you.

Donation: $300 / couples $500

Distance/Candle healing

For people who are unable to come for an in-person session.

A special candle is blessed and prepared for you with healing herbs and sacred oil.  The effect is to remove negativity and blockages from your life, help you release emotional pain, let go of the past and live in the now. It will also open the doors for your progress as an individual and help you feel like your natural self again.  You may also order this healing for someone else. It will not interfere with their free will but will gently liberate them from negative influences and help them move forward on their true path.

Donation: $150, discounts available for families or groups.

Other Healing services

We are trained in healing methods that can help with almost any situation imaginable.  Some of our offerings are:

  • Full body shamanic nature healing (seasonal)
  • Remote home cleansing

  •  Chakra Cleansing

  • Prosperity attraction

Contact us with any request and we will work with your unique situation.