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Our Healers

Grandmother Turtles' Center in Whittier, CA is home to seven healing practitioners trained by Shaman Teacher Victor Barron to help make your life easier, healthier, and more fulfilling. We have a deep love for God and humanity and seek to help those in need, regardless of religious beliefs. The techniques are both ancient and modern holistic cleansing and healing protocols that are natural alternatives to traditional western healing modalities. People often find relief after years of exhaustive searching for help to restore health, wellness, and well-being. We are driven by a deep desire to help others remove blocks from their personal and professional life or connection with God. We help you reconnect so you can release entanglements, addictions, and blocks and help you reach your fullest potential.


"God's message for everyone is to use your gift of forgiveness. Take the opportunity to love and forgive yourself, now! Love and forgive everyone who has ever crossed your path. Do not allow one more blessed day to pass without remembering to love and forgive and to honor yourself, as you are one of God's divine children. Our Lord, Jesus Christ gave himself to humanity to give us the understanding of His love for us and the power of forgiveness. This act of kindness will set you free and lift an immense weight from your heart and shoulders."

~ V. Barron


John and Magda


Bios and photos of the other healing practitioners coming soon:


Theresa - Owner and CEO of Grandmother Turtles' House