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What does a healing do?

A healing removes negative issues and blockages from the mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic levels.  This brings about greater awareness, self-empowerment, and the freedom to make better choices.

What happens in a typical Healing session?

During your healing you will be guided into your heart where your deepest longings reside.  Once you are connected to your true self the healers will remove negative energies and blockages from your energy field.  Your spirit will be brought back into alignment with your physical body and grounded to Mother Earth.  The session ends with a blessing from God to open the path to progress in both the spiritual and material worlds.

Which issues can a healing address?

*Feeling an inability to move forward in life

*Unexplained bad luck

*Unfulfilling relationships


*Scary Dreams

*Negative Self-talk

*Internet or substance addiction

How long does it take?

The session takes approximately 45 minutes. You will be fully clothed and standing.  If you have difficulty standing for that period time please let us know and we'll make other arrangements.

What should I wear?

White is best but any light colored clothing is fine.  Please avoid wearing black, grey, or dark brown.  It should be cool, well fitting, and comfortable.  Please wear socks or bring a pair to wear during your session. Please do not wear your hair in a bun.

What happens after the session?

The healing continues for 30 days after your session.  During this period you will be releasing emotional and energetic waste and must take proper care of yourself.  You will be given a simple diet to follow as well as instructions on how to make the most of your experience.